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FAQs Dog Behaviour Trainer Training

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dog Behaviour Trainer Training

You’re interested in becoming a dog behaviour trainer and participating in one of our courses? Here are the prerequisites you should meet:

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • A stable internet connection is required.
  • You’ll need a suitable device such as a laptop, computer, or smartphone.


Who is this course suitable for?

Our training program for dog behaviour trainers is designed for anyone looking to expand their expertise in training dogs with behavioural issues. The BASIC course provides an ideal introduction to familiarize yourself with the topics and learn foundational theoretical knowledge. On the other hand, the PRIVATE modules allow you to apply theory to practice using real case examples, and these modules can be booked individually.


To establish yourself as a professional dog behaviour trainer, it’s important to possess a solid knowledge of dog training and have sufficient practical experience. This enables you to comprehend relationships and create appropriate training plans.


What topics does the dog behaviour trainer cover?

The dog behaviour trainer addresses various overarching topics, including:

  • Fear
  • Aggression
  • Hunting behaviour
  • Separation anxiety
  • Barking, destructiveness, attention-seeking
  • General behavioural problems
  • Hyperactivity
  • Various conditions
  • Hormones
  • Neurology
  • Medication and supplements
  • Anamnesis gathering


How are the course contents delivered in the BASIC course?

The foundational knowledge in the BASIC course is imparted through online webinars that you’ll gain access to after registering. The coursework is entirely self-paced and not supervised.


How are the course contents of the PRIVATE modules delivered?

Depending on the chosen module, the practical aspects differ. In Module 1, we focus on case supervision and anamnesis gathering. Throughout the course, we schedule individual online meetings with you to discuss cases together. Module 2 involves video analyses on specific topics.


Module 3 provides you with the opportunity to work through an entire case we assign to you, from anamnesis to management and an appropriate training plan. You’ll receive the case in advance, work on it, and during an online coaching session, we’ll go through your considerations and provide guidance where needed.


Can the PRIVATE Modules 1-3 be booked individually?

Yes, that’s possible. However, starting with M1 is recommended.


Do I need to have booked the BASIC dog behaviour trainer to participate in the PRIVATE Modules 1-3?

Yes, this ensures that the fundamental theoretical knowledge has been provided beforehand.


Can I pay in installments?

No, unlike the dog trainer or combined training, installment payment isn’t available here due to the individual short module units.


What certifications can I obtain?

  • BASIC: Participation certificate
  • PRIVATE Modules 1-3: Participation certificate
  • Optionally and voluntarily, you can also register for the in-house final examination for dog trainers.


Dog Trainer or Dog Behaviour Trainer – How should I decide?

In our view, the training for a dog trainer provides the foundation for working with dogs and implementing effective training. Based on our extensive experience, we’ve observed that most dog-owner teams have specific “issues” they want to work on. These issues are rarely about simple commands like “sit,” “stay,” or “lie down.” Instead, they involve behavioural topics where one can quickly reach their limits without a comprehensive approach.


For a thorough understanding and a comprehensive overview of dog training, we recommend starting with the combined training or attaching the dog behaviour trainer course to the dog trainer training. As behavioural problems in dogs are also part of the expertise required by law, it seems we’re not alone in this perspective.


Click and Mix – An Incremental System

We suggest, but you decide! With the Click and Mix system, you can customize your learning based on your individual needs. Some may only want to learn the theoretical basics for specific topics, while others aim to put knowledge into practice. Discover what suits you best.


Combined Training

From our perspective, the combined training offers the ideal preparation for the expertise test according to §11 Paragraph 1, Sentence 1 No. 8. This package provides you with “all-inclusive” resources at a discounted price. You start with the dog trainer training and choose whether you want to book the GROUP or PRIVATE course in advance (KT-G or KT-P). After 6 months of dog trainer training, the BASIC dog behaviour trainer training automatically follows.


You calmly build your foundational knowledge on various topics over 2 months. Then, you have an additional 4 months to put your knowledge into practice through Modules 1-3 of the dog behaviour trainer course, with online live coaching from us. You can decide whether to use the full 12 months or progress more quickly. This offers you flexible conditions to acquire the comprehensive knowledge expected of a professional dog behaviour trainer.


You can also attend online dog trainer coaching sessions (our “regulars’ table”) throughout the 12-month period. If desired, you can add a practical block (on-site practice days with us). The training concludes with a participation certificate. For those aiming for more, an in-house certification exam for dog behaviour trainers is available.