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Chirag Patel-TtT: 25/26.09.2023

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Train the trainer (TtT) mit Chirag Patel

It continues almost seamlessly this week with another Train the Trainer 2 (TtT-2) workshop with Chirag Patel. This 2-day workshop is aimed at all dog trainers who either want to actively participate with their own dog and/or accompany Chirag in leading dog owner teams in training. Some participants with dogs will have the opportunity to train with Chirag at their “construction sites” and one or two of our customers’ dog owner teams will also be able to go into active training with Chirag. The TtT-2 workshop is a practical workshop and focuses on: Aggression in dog-dog, dog-human, dog-trigger problems Dealing with excitement and avoiding frustration during training (e.g. a dog’s excitement level during encounters…). The places with dogs are limited to a maximum of 5. The number of participants as well. The workshop will be translated into German in such a way that it does not disrupt the English processes! There will only be a few places as we want to remain a small group for the sake of intensity.

Price for the 2 day workshop:

430€/person WITH dog (see registration form)

320€/person WITHOUT dog (see registration form)

To register, please download the registration form and send it to: