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Trainer education

Our training

Our innovative and modern courses offer you a range of possibilities to train as professional dog trainers or behavior trainers for dogs. You have the freedom to choose the training that suits you best.

You can comfortably learn the theoretical aspects from your own home at your own pace. We use webinars and online coaching for this purpose. Depending on the course you choose, you can work on and submit assignments, participate in live online sessions, or opt for practical on-site training days.

Drawing from our experience and understanding the importance of problem-solving in dog training, we’re pleased to introduce our combined “Dog and Behavior Trainer” program since June 2023. We provide online guidance for the practical aspects, leading you through the process step by step. Additionally, we organize monthly online meetings to reinforce what you’ve learned.

We place emphasis on both individual support and interaction with our students. If you choose to submit assignments, you’ll receive detailed feedback, and we’ll devote as much time as necessary to assist you in applying what you’ve learned. We don’t believe in rushing through things – if you’re truly dedicated to learning and appreciate a friendly learning atmosphere, then please continue reading. We view ourselves as a unique establishment, moving away from mass production and anonymity towards personal support and sustainability. Even after completing the course, we offer ongoing support if you’re interested.

What they say

The dog trainer training at Pfötchenhof Pfalz was not only a lot of fun, no - despite my previous knowledge, I had many "AHA effects" that have brought me a lot. Professional knowledge about positive learning is conveyed here and put into practice. Thumbs up!

Karonlin Z.

Pfötchenhof Pfalz and the team of instructors stand for sound knowledge and many years of experience. During my training as a dog trainer I was always well looked after and especially the coaching sessions for exam preparation were very helpful for me. A big praise to Miri and her team!

Claudia E.

I can only more than recommend the training. Very many interesting topics worth knowing. Super support from the coaches, who do their work with heart and soul.

Caro V.

The combination of professional videos and homework to be worked out by myself, which was precisely analyzed, was a very effective learning method for me from the beginning. Watching my own videos, those of the other participants and reading the comments of the instructors helped me to train my eye for a good training process and the body language of dog and owner. That was a lot of fun! It was also exciting to watch the videos of other participants and think about the feedback you would give yourself and then compare it with the feedback of the instructors. That was also very instructive for me.

Julia G.

I found the training concept perfect for working people - even full-time - and through the different offers you can choose the best training option for yourself - depending on your type. The webinars allow you to organize your learning times very well and save on travel time and accommodation costs for the theory. Due to the module structure and the activation of the individual modules, you also take enough time for the webinars and do not "scurry" through the training. Another great idea is the additional services that can be booked (practical days, exam preparation, etc.), because you can decide for yourself where you need more in-depth support. Last but not least: I found the composition of the training team listed on the website to be perfect - and this has also been confirmed for me.

Michael S.

Thank you very much for the great training. I really learned a lot and especially the preparation for the practical exam has helped me a lot. As intense as the homework was in parts, it motivated me to try more and more new things with my dog :)

Sabrina E.

I can only recommend the training at Pfötchenhof Pfalz, totally great trainers, very competent, great instructors, no questions left unanswered, price-performance ratio is perfect. I felt very comfortable during the training. I can only recommend Pfötchenhof Pfalz !!!! SUPER PERFECT, KEEP IT UP !!!

Ingo H.


Theory and foundational knowledge

HT Basic

Explore the online course “Dog Trainer BASIC” and gain all the essential theoretical foundational knowledge required as a professional dog trainer. We provide a diverse approach to delivering course content through 6 modules, utilizing webinars. These modules encompass both theory in the form of presentations and practical insight through instructional videos.


This course allows you to engage in independent self-study without supervision or assignments. Upon completing each module, there’s an option to undertake a voluntary online quiz to assess your learning progress. Additionally, selected handouts are available for download as helpful PDFs, enhancing the course.


For even more practical experience, you have the opportunity to add the “Dog Trainer Practical Block” to the BASIC course. If you’re aiming for an in-house certification exam, you’ll find further information in the “Examinations” section.


Prerequisites: Minimum age 18
Course format: Online program for self-study
Start date: Anytime
Course code: DT-Basic
Duration: 6 months
Module access: 12 months
Cost: €1750

From Hobby Dog Enthusiast to Expert Dog Trainer

HT Group

Embark on a comprehensive training that includes the BASIC course, but extends beyond mere theory. The HT Group course offers selected topics with voluntary yet recommended assignments. After all, practice makes perfect! Your submitted assignments will be discussed in our Facebook group, providing detailed feedback. Here, you have the opportunity to actively engage, not just observe.


To solidify learning and intensify interaction, approximately 2x monthly fixed online live sessions are scheduled. These sessions provide an ideal platform to address queries and deepen acquired course content. If you seek more hands-on experience, the LIVE Practical Days Block is tailored for you!


Furthermore, the course section offers selected scripts as valuable downloadable resources. Upon course completion, you receive a participation certificate. Submitting assignments could lead to certification. For those aiming for an in-house certification exam, additional details are available in the “Examinations” section.


Prerequisites: Minimum age 18
Course format: Online program with supervised assignments
Start date: Anytime
Course code: HT-Group
Duration: 6 months
Module access: 12 months

Cost: €2,920 (One-time payment)
Installment payment: 6 installments of €515

Begin your journey as a dog expert

HT Private

Unlike the GROUP course, the HT Private course provides the opportunity to discuss your assignments confidentially in a 1:1 coaching arrangement with our teaching team. This grants you an exceptionally tailored guidance, honed to your needs. No participation occurs in the Facebook group, allowing you to focus entirely on your personal development.


The PRIVATE course solely differs in this unique support structure from our GROUP course. Otherwise, you can anticipate the same top-tier course content and opportunities for practical depth.


For maximum flexibility, with installment payment, module access is provided monthly upon payment. This allows you to complete the course at your individual pace.


Prerequisites: Minimum age 18
Course format: Online program with supervised assignments
Start date: Anytime
Course code: HT-Private
Duration: 6 months of guidance (extension possible for a fee).
Module access: 12 months

Cost: €3,320*
Installment payment: 6 installments of €585*

The All-Inclusive Package – our favourite!

Combined Training: Dog Trainer with Dog Behaviour Trainer

Your ideal preparation for the expertise test according to §11 Paragraph 1, Sentence 1 No. 8: The All-Inclusive Package for aspiring Dog Trainers and Dog Behaviour Trainers!


Embark on your training as a dog trainer and choose between the GROUP or PRIVATE courses (KK-G or KK-P). Following that, continue your learning journey with the self-study Behaviour Trainer BASIC course. The practical modules 1-3 enhance your hands-on experience. Throughout the entire training duration, we offer you the opportunity to participate in our monthly online dog trainer coaching sessions – our “regulars’ table.” Here, you conveniently and flexibly acquire the comprehensive knowledge required as a professional dog trainer.


Moreover, if you desire more practical experience, you can optionally add a practical block (Practical Days at the Pfötchenhof) to your package. Further information on this is available in the FAQs above.


Prerequisites: Minimum age 18
Course title: KT-G / KT-P
Course format: Online and supervised
Start date: Anytime
Course duration: 12 months

Cost KT-G: €3950 or 12x €345
Cost KT-P: €4250 or 12x €370

Working with dogs exhibiting problematic behavior


Enhance your expertise in training dogs with problematic behavior through our Behaviour Advisor Training! The BASIC Course imparts essential theoretical foundational knowledge and covers all crucial aspects of behaviour advising.


Dive into the realm of online webinars, thoughtfully recorded for your convenience. You can navigate the course at your own pace through self-study, ensuring full flexibility. Additional information can be found in the FAQs linked in the introductory text.


Prerequisites: Minimum age 18
Course title: HVB-Basic
Course format: Online self-study
Start date: Anytime
Course duration: 2 months
Module access: 12 months

Cost: €500

Working with dogs exhibiting problematic behavior


In our Dog Behaviour Trainer PRIVATE course, we build upon the foundational knowledge gained from the BASIC course and guide you into practical application. The course is divided into 3 modules, each addressing different topics. Throughout the course, lasting 1 month per module, we provide 3 online LIVE coaching sessions per module with our instructor team to assist and address your queries.


Immerse yourself in the captivating themes of each module:

M1: Anamnesis Collection and Case Supervisions
M2: Video Analysis and Visual Training
M3: Hands-on Training – Handling Your Own Cases and Post-discussion


Key course details at a glance:

Prerequisites: Minimum age 18
Course title: HVB-PM1, -PM2, or -PM3 (depending on the chosen module)
Course format: Supervised individual coaching
Start date: Anytime
Course duration: 1 month per module

Cost: M1 €500 / M2 €500 / M3 €250

Gain more practical experience for both you and your dog!

3-Day Practical Training Block

Do you want to deepen your acquired knowledge and gain even more practical experience? Then our practical block is just right for you! This intensive program takes place several times a year at fixed times and offers you the opportunity to revisit learning theory over the course of 3 consecutive days, develop training plans, and put them into practice. Furthermore, you can test yourself as a trainer by guiding unfamiliar dog-owner teams and providing individual one-on-one sessions. For even more insights, you’re welcome to observe us trainers at work.


Personal support is important to us, which is why these days take place in very small groups at our Pfötchenhof Pfalz and in the surrounding area. Your dog is welcome, as long as they are seminar-friendly.


Discover the specific content of the practical blocks in our “Dog Trainer” information section on our learning platform.


Practical Block Dates 2023-2024:
October 24-26, 2023
February 26-28, 2024
June 24-26, 2024
October 23-25, 2024


Time: Approx. 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Cost: €450 per block


Location Day 1: Seminarhotel Kastanienhof in Dannenfels
Location Day 2: Seminarhotel
Location Day 3: Pfötchenhof Pfalz / Dog Park

Expand Your Education

Special Practical Days

You now have the opportunity to add Special Practice Days (SPT) in addition to the 3-day on-site practical block. Unlike the regular practical block, these special practice days can be added during and even after the training period.


With the Special Practice Days, you can tailor your training according to your individual interests and focus on specific areas. The workshops usually take place in our seminar hotel in the vicinity.


By participating in the SPTs, you’ll be well equipped to offer the acquired knowledge in your own dog training school. You can book tickets for the Special Practice Days as an extra service.


Your dogs are warmly welcomed, provided they are “seminar-ready”. If you have any concerns or specific needs, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist and support you in your training and further education journey.

Choose your Days

Special Practical Days Schedule

Here are the exciting dates for our Special Practice Days (SPT). In addition to the regular offerings, you can expect additional dates and topics throughout the year. For more details about the Special Practice Days, you can find information in our internal info section.


  • September 2023: Chirag Patel and Eva Bertilsson
  • October 2023: Intensive Online Puppy and Young Dog Training Week
  • November 2023: 24th/25th/26th – Anti-Bait Workshop
  • February 2024: 24th/25th – t.b.a.
  • March 2024: 23rd/24th – t.b.a.
  • June 2024: 22nd/23rd – t.b.a.
  • October 2024: 26th/27th – t.b.a.


Experience engaging topics and versatile training during our Special Practical Days!


An SPT ticket costs only €125 and can be booked under “Additional Services.”


Explore the fascinating world of Special Practical Days now and secure your ticket!

Achieve the Competence Certificate

Institute Internal Certificate Examination

Since August 1, 2014, a permit is required for working as a dog trainer. With us, you have the opportunity to complete the in-house Pfötchenhof Pfalz final examination. The examination dates are set and provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate from Pfötchenhof Pfalz.


The certificate confirms your successful examination, which can be taken either in the presence of a veterinary official or without their presence. With this certificate, you can submit proof according to Section 11 (1), Sentence 1, No. 8 TierSchG to the responsible veterinary office or corresponding authority as evidence of expertise.


Please note that the recognition of the evidence is the responsibility of the relevant authorities of the respective federal state or local authorities.


For further details on the examination regulations and the certificate examination, please click the “Learn More” button.

When and Where Do the Examinations Take Place?

Examination Dates for 2023 and 2024

If you’re considering enrolling for our in-house certification examination, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll check for available slots on the respective dates and send you a registration form. The examinations take place either on-site at our location or in the nearby vicinity, depending on the number of participants. You can find information about the examination topics and procedures in the sections above under “Institute Internal Certification Examination.”


Examination Dates WITH Veterinary Official 2023:
June 29, 2023
September 28, 2023
November 23, 2023


Examination Dates for 2024:
To be announced


The scheduling for each day will be determined after registration. Depending on the number of participants, the written theoretical examination may take place on the same day or with a one-day offset.

Simply add it to your training!

Additional Services

To enhance your training and tailor it to your needs, we offer various additional services. Here, you have the opportunity to choose from the following options:


Internal Students:

  • Extensions
  • Online exam preparation
  • On-site practical days in blocks
  • Special practical days
  • One-on-one coaching


External Prospects:

  • Independent consultation for trainer education
  • Support during the start-up phase
  • Additional offerings under further education


Simply select the corresponding options using the “Book now” button, and we will get in touch with you. We are at your service to customize your education and guide you on your journey to becoming a dog behaviour trainer. Let us know how we can assist you!

Teamwork and Support!

Explore our partner schools

In our partner schools, you’ll find not only promising words on the website but also real support. We know this for certain because all our partners completed their training and certification with us at Pfötchenhof Pfalz and continue to work closely and transparently with us.


We firmly believe in providing ongoing support for our graduates’ journeys and building a network of positive trainers. They consistently pursue further education and, when needed, can still benefit from our team of instructors to enhance their skills effectively and with qualification.


This section is being expanded gradually, offering dog owners the opportunity to find the right dog training school during relocations or vacations.


We practice what we preach – support, teamwork, and community lie at the heart of our values. And we take pride in that!


Visit our partner schools to learn more about their offerings and services!

Saarbrücken (SL)

Click and Paws

Karolin Zewe, the owner of Click & Paws, is excited to get to know you and your furry companion! Click & Paws is a partner school of Pfötchenhof Pfalz and stands for positive training with your four-legged partner – regardless of size, age, or breed. Whether it’s mental stimulation or relaxed everyday training, Click & Paws offers the perfect options for you and your dog.


The offerings include:

  • Personalized training for both human and dog
  • Obedience training
  • One-on-one sessions for tailored guidance
  • Puppy development for an optimal start to your dog’s life
  • Fun groups for shared enjoyment and play
  • Social walks for relaxed interactions


Reach out to Click & Paws at 0151-74279182 or via email at to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Oberotterbach (RLP)

Die Heldenmühle

The Heldenmühle isn’t just a dog school, but also a training establishment for off-road and trail riding. Julia Gossen, the owner, along with her skilled team, is here to assist you.


The offerings include:

  • Personalized one-on-one training for both human and dog
  • Group lessons
  • Puppy & adolescent dog training
  • Engagement courses
  • Crossdogging
  • Dog & horse interactions


The Heldenmühle is excited to get to know you and your loyal companion. Get in touch with them at 0152-04004154 or via email at to learn more.

Straubing (BY)

Herr Schmeling

The approach of “Herr Schmeling” Dog School is characterized by patience and without pressure, as well as consistency, and above all, the understanding that a dog thrives best when they feel comfortable and accepted in their environment.


The offerings include:

  • Personalized one-on-one training
  • Training walks
  • Training with the long leash
  • Mobile dog school
  • Crossdogging
  • On-site training


Claudia Eckl, the owner, is here for you and your dog. Give her a call at 0176/54937740 to get more information, or pay a visit to the “Herr Schmeling” Dog School.

Breunigweiler (RLP)

Voltztes Vertrauen

Carolin Voltz, the owner, believes that true communication takes place on equal footing. In “Voltztes Vertrauen,” you’ll find a dog school and behavioral counseling based on respect and appreciation.


The offerings include:

  • Personalized one-on-one training
  • Puppy training (in one-on-one sessions)
  • Mobile dog school
  • Everyday training


Carolin Voltz also provides behavioral counseling for dogs with specific needs that require support.


Contact Carolin Voltz at for more information or visit the “Voltztes Vertrauen” Dog School.

Stay updated!

Additional trainings

Ongoing addtional trainings are of great importance to stay up-to-date in animal training and to develop new perspectives. Instead of getting stuck in the hamster wheel of one’s own training, it is crucial to think outside the box, get inspired by other animal trainers, and seek exchange among colleagues.


Our additional training courses are characterized by a nurturing learning atmosphere where both the dogs and the participants feel comfortable. We ensure that the class sizes are kept small to provide personalized support. Furthermore, the facilities are optimally prepared to ensure that every dog and their human companion arrive relaxed and stress-free. We are happy to take the time for each individual.


Our offerings include national and international workshops with renowned instructors such as Chirag Patel, Eva Bertilsson, Prof. Dr. Eduardo Fernandez, Mike Shikashio, and many others.


Expand your knowledge and horizons – Discover all the detailed information about our international workshops in the Workshops & Events section.

Kickstart Your Journey

Puppy Class Intensive

When your adorable new puppy comes into your life, selecting the right dog school for their puppy class is usually the first step. The registration is done, and you’re all set. However, in our experience, despite good intentions, consistent practice between weekly sessions often falls short due to the whirlwind of puppy-related activities. As dog trainers, we aim to provide comprehensive guidance to the dog owner teams, but we can’t control the home practice routine.


But there’s a game-changing solution! Imagine a condensed, effective puppy training that covers essential skills in just about 5 intensive sessions. This transformative concept came to light when I immersed myself in Chirag Patel’s advanced puppy training. Chirag’s approach revolutionizes teaching by compactly delivering fundamental training over a short period. Inspired, I adapted the approach for our dog school and introduced an intensive course. The results were astounding, validating the effectiveness of this method.


Recognizing that not every trainer can attend weekly sessions, we’re excited to share our discoveries through our online LIVE training. We’re thrilled to guide you on establishing a revolutionary puppy and young dog training curriculum in your dog school.


Instructor: Miri Styppa
Online Duration: 5 sessions, approximately 1.5-2 hours each
Dates: To be announced

Changing Perspectives

Train the Trainer

For dog trainers seeking a dynamic shift in their training approach, our “Train the Trainer” workshop offers an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re keen to actively engage with your own canine companion or to collaborate with Chirag in guiding dog-owner teams, this 1-2 day intensive is tailored for you. With a select number of participants, some accompanied by their dogs, this workshop promises a deep dive into advanced training methodologies.


This immersive workshop spans 2 days, but you also have the flexibility to join for a single day. Participants with dogs, however, are limited to just 5 to ensure a personalized experience. Rest assured, the workshop seamlessly bridges the language gap by offering German translation that harmonizes with the English proceedings.


Led by the renowned Chirag Patel, this workshop promises insights that transcend borders. The idyllic Hotel Kastanienhof in Dannenfels sets the stage for this transformative event.


Key Details:

Instructor: Chirag Patel
Venue: Hotel Kastanienhof in Dannenfels
Date: 22nd and 23rd September 2023, 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM


With dog: Fully booked
Without dog: €320


Register now and experience an illuminating workshop that offers an opportunity to deepen your training skills and contribute to the growth of your dog school.

Eva and Chirag in Tandem

Liquid Training - Shaping Training with Fluidity

Get ready for an extraordinary treat as we present a dynamic duo in our upcoming workshop. This time, we are thrilled to feature two exceptional speakers: Eva Bertilsson from Carpe Momentum and Chirag Patel from Domesticated Manners. Over the course of two enlightening days, they will seamlessly blend theory and practice to guide us through the realms of liquid training. It’s a rare opportunity, as we are not only the first German organizers to welcome Eva Bertilsson in 2022, but we’re also excited to have both Eva and Chirag return as a premier double act in 2023.


Beyond a theoretical introduction, this workshop will immerse participants in hands-on activities. Eva and Chirag will provide invaluable support to the dog owner teams, making sure everyone gains practical insights. Limited spots are available for participants with dogs, in line with our preference for cozy, smaller groups.


In this workshop, we will delve into the intricacies of a fluid training style. Beneath what might appear as chaotic lies a bedrock of ABC contingencies, where myriad decisions are made in the blink of an eye, responding to countless variables. What lies beneath the surface? What advantages does a fluid training approach offer, and when might a more structured, linear approach be more fitting? Join us and uncover the answers!


Rest assured, the workshop will be thoughtfully translated into German, preserving the harmony between English and German proceedings.


Key Details:

Instructors: Eva Bertilsson & Chirag Patel
Venue: Hotel Kastanienhof in Dannenfels
Date: 19th and 20th September 2023, 10 AM – 5 PM


With dog: €430 (waiting list)
Without dog: €320


Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative experience. Click the “Register now” button below to secure your spot and prepare to witness training techniques unfold with fluidity and finesse.