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Conditions of participation dog trainer and behavior consultant training and further education

  /  Conditions of participation dog trainer and behavior consultant training and further education

Teilnahmebedingungen (AGB) Hundetrainer und Verhaltensberater Aus,- und Fortbildung

1. registration

With the registration, the contract for the course participation comes into effect with the receipt of the registration confirmation by you.
The course units take place basically online or where provided practically at the seat of the Pfötchenhof Pfalz and surroundings.

2. execution

Participation in our courses is strictly personal, substitutes are not allowed. If a practical event is cancelled for reasons beyond the participant’s control (e.g. illness of the instructor), an alternative date will be provided. However, the participant is not entitled to any refunds due to cancellation of the appointment or missing the replacement appointment.

In this context, Pfötchenhof Pfalz reserves the right to provide substitute referees.

If the participant misses teaching units (both online and on practice days) for reasons for which Pfötchenhof Pfalz is not responsible, there is also no claim for reimbursement.

Pfötchenhof Pfalz reserves the right to exclude participants from the training for personal reasons, if their behavior – especially their handling of the animals – gives reason for this.

Dogs are not allowed to be brought to the practice days and are not to be kept in the trunk, in boxes or otherwise in violation of the Animal Welfare Act for the duration of the seminars. Our training facilities are located so that your own car is usually NOT in sight. In case of violation, participation in the respective practice event is not possible. Practice sessions with dogs are weather dependent.

In the case of practical days or classroom events, meals, accommodation and travel are at the participant’s own expense.

3. work equipment

Working documents, including those used in webinars, may not be reproduced, recorded, or disclosed to third parties.

All working documents remain in the possession and property of Pfötchenhof Pfalz. Footage (e.g. submitted homework) will be transferred in picture and as a right of use to Pfötchenhof Pfalz. In addition, filming and photography both at Pfötchenhof Pfalz, as well as at other venues, are only possible with prior permission from Pfötchenhof Pfalz. Publications are generally prohibited, unless the Pfötchenhof Pfalz has given its express consent in advance.

Participants will independently check EDP requirements, especially for participation in webinars. Pfötchenhof Pfalz does not assume any liability for missing system requirements of the participant’s computer system.

4. payments / due date

Pfötchenhof Pfalz will invoice the participation fees in advance after confirmed registration.
Fees are due for payment no later than 14 days after receipt of invoice. A course activation takes place only after receipt of payment. If the participant is in arrears with the payment of the fees, Pfötchenhof Pfalz reserves the right to exclude him/her from further participation.

In the case of a selected installment payment, its due dates and the amount of the amounts are to be taken from the initially issued invoice. The activation of the upgrading modules is bound to a punctual receipt of payment. In the event that the participant’s payment in installments is irregular or delayed, Pfötchenhof Pfalz reserves the right to demand the remaining outstanding amount in advance as a total amount.

The registration fee is due with the registration.
In the case of the selected installment payment, so is the first monthly installment. This is offset against the last monthly installment – provided there are no outstanding due dates.

In all other respects, the statutory provisions shall apply.

5. confidentiality

The participant agrees to maintain confidentiality about all information and data related to the course participation. This concerns in particular names of customers of the Pfötchenhof Pfalz or knowledge of the content of the problems in connection with the participation in the dog school.

6. other

Any general terms and conditions of the participant that deviate from the general terms and conditions listed here shall not be valid.