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Eva Bertilsson: 24/25.04.2023

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From one reward to the other – Dancing with the details mit Eva Bertilsson

Two days of precision training with Eva Bertilsson.

In this workshop we will work on precision in detail: mechanics, decision making, observations, establishing criteria, the right choice of reinforcers and reward points, fluid training design, and more.

This workshop is suitable for all trainers and just for the trainers who want to improve their training and teaching for competition obedience, Rally-O, dogdance, trick training or other precision work?

Are you passionate about building behaviors? You train or teach for competitions, you already do Rally-Obedience, Dog Dancing or Trick Training?

You have had little or no contact with all these topics, but would like to be able to train more precisely in everyday training and with your clients?

Then this workshop is just for that.


Price for the 2 day workshop:

430€/ person WITH dog (see registration form- max. 6 places)

320€/ person WITHOUT dog (see registration form)

The workshop will be translated into German in summary form.

To register, please download the registration form and send it to: